If you had to rebuild your house every year, would that be a blessing or a curse? Would you find it refreshing (coming up with new ideas) or exhausting (draining all your energy)? Well, there are some unique accommodations in the world that require to be built every year.

Only a handful of countries in the world get to host a place like the Ice Hotels. The ice hotels are built from snice, meaning snow and ice. They are open only few months out of the year. They beckon adventurous travelers from all over the world to come and have a life-time experience.

The first ice hotel in the world was built in 1990 in Sweden as a need. That year, there was an art exhibition held by a French artist in a cylinder-shaped igloo. When all places in town were booked, some visitors asked for permission to sleep in the hallway of the exhibition room in sleeping bags and on top of reindeer skins. That’s how it all began.

Although not many countries in the world get to host an ice hotel, Romania is the first country in Eastern Europe to develop one in 2005. These unique, icy accommodations are located in the Carpathians mountains at an altitude of 2034 meters (6673 feet).

On top of experiencing unique wintry accommodations, you get to have all sorts of cold fun like: skiing, sledding, tubing, ice-skating, snowmobiling, snowball fighting, photography, hiking and much more all followed by a cup of sweet hot chocolate. You can get all this at the best price in Europe.

Here is what Leslie and Ben, an adventurous couple from the USA, have to say after their Romanian ice experience:


“A definite bucket list trip! For years, I have wanted to plan a winter getaway to an ice hotel. When I learned of Romania’s “Hotel of Ice”, my husband and I booked a room for the following weekend. First, I must say that a trip to Balea Lac is necessary during all seasons of the year, so being able to enjoy the beauty of the Fagaras Mountains covered in snow is absolutely magical. Second, having the opportunity to stay in an ice hotel is something you are likely to do only once in your lifetime! My experience at the top of the mountain was excellent from start to finish. We were greeted immediately upon our arrival by friendly, English-speaking staff who helped get us settled into our night’s stay. We received a tour of our ice hotel, the igloos and even an ice chapel. We also spent some time hiking around the area and looking for good photo opportunities; the views from Balea Lac are incredible! After dinner, we had a beer at the ice bar while visiting with other International travelers who shared our desire for a winter adventure in Romania. Then, we settled into our room and zipped ourselves into cozy sleeping bags for our night on ice!! The next morning, we learned of all of the many activities we can enjoy while on the mountain. My husband and I chose to go tubing for an hour. We walked up the mountainside, then we would snap photos of the beautiful views, and we would tube down some more. Both of us mentioned feeling thankful to have had such a unique experience in Romania. Our weekend at Balea Lac is something we will remember forever. I hope everyone will create the opportunity to enjoy the Hotel of Ice!”

The Romanian ice experience has 12 guest rooms for cozy sleeping, a chapel for weddings and more, a bar to literally chill out with a cold beer, a restaurant to warm up with some hot soup and other yummy foods.  Nearby, there are also some warm cabins for those that chicken out at night and decide they have had enough of their night on the ice.  I was told that most of those that go back into the ‘cabins of shame’ are guys.  Sorry guys!  The hosts say that the ones who transfer at night from the ice room to the cozy cabin are usually men.  Maybe they are misunderstood, maybe they are so loving toward their wives that they want for them to stay in a warmer place. We will just leave that to you to decide.

Just like Leslie shared, The Romanian Ice Experience is a definite bucket list trip. And on a different note, aren’t you happy that your home doesn’t melt down every spring?