Have you ever wondered why you can’t tickle yourself, why yawning is so contagious and why nails keep on growing? We take so many things for granted. Our bodies are so amazingly unique in a lot of ways.  Studies say that our brain deals with 3,000 thoughts per hour, our heart pumps 7,200 liters of blood a day (1,900 gallons) , our mouth utters 49,000 words per week… girls do tend to utter a bit more than that:), the liver performs over 500 functions, we use 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile.

We can go on and on just to describe how fascinating and unique our bodies are. It is said that “‘People are the same, but different”.  As much as we all share similar bodily structure and functions, each one of us is created in a very unique way. Fingerprints, tongue prints, eye prints, body weight and shape, voice type, intelligence level, personality type, abilities are all things that truly make you to be one of a kind among the 7 billion people in the world.

Because each one of us is an original masterpiece, what makes us laugh or cry, stress out or relax, love or hate, have fun or get bored is totally different from one to another.  For example, I get annoyed when the forecast is presented and they start with:  ‘We are going to have bad weather, it’s going to rain.’  I love rain, I am energized by it.  Find me strange, but I enjoy it! That’s the beauty of diversity.

With that in mind, Spoty loves mingling uniqueness, diversity and authenticity in each vacation.  That’s why locals put their personal touch on the vacation they offer and you get to choose what works best for you.  There are various things that make each getaway so unique.  It can be the outstanding host, a home with character, a place with a view, fun leisure activities, an owner with heritage, a city on your bucket list. Here are just a few things that make a vacation unique:

 A Unique Host

Some vacations are made unique because of their host. Here is what Leslie shares with us, after her and Ben went on a weekend getaway to Marcela’s,  she lives 4 km from Brasov, Romania:

“As an expat in Romania, my goal is to seek out true cultural experiences and a weekend at Marcela’s left me feeling very Romanian! My husband and I left Bucharest for Harman on Saturday afternoon and Marcela was quick to respond when we arrived; we came upon her beautiful saxon home and were welcomed with hugs and kisses. Marcela has an open space inside her courtyard for parking which was convenient for unloading our car (and our dog!). Marcela immediately gave us a tour of her place and helped get us settled into our room. Before dinner, my husband and I wandered over to Harman’s 13th Century Fortified Church. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to tour the church, but it seems like a good way to spend an hour of your day if you want to explore the area. We also noticed a sign in front of the church which lists a nearby nature walk over “Honey Mountain”. We made a mental note to make time for the walk on our next visit. When my husband and I returned to Marcela’s, dinner was ready and the homemade spread was incredible. I was full after our appetizers, but I managed to eat until our dessert. Marcela was a gracious host and took care of all our needs. We asked her to join us for a glass of wine and she did! One of my favorite parts of the weekend was chatting with her and learning of her experiences in Romania and abroad. The next morning we ate a delicious breakfast, chatted some more and left with smiles on our faces. Our time with Marcela was exactly what we expected and we hope to visit again soon.”



A Home With Character

Each house is a home with character.  Here is what Ioana a host from Sinaia shares about this beautiful home that takes you back in time: “In 1927, one of the most famous and talented Romanian architects, Toma Socolescu, built a house as a gift for his beloved wife. He built this house in the name of love, inspired by the genuine Romanian architectural style, a wonderful place named now Villa PoemBoem.  It stands at the entrance of Cumpatu, residential area of Sinaia, opposite the Peles Castle domain, former summer residence of the Romanian Royal Family. Outside, you will enjoy the refreshing air of this lovely mountain resort and the peaceful gardens with spring water, inside you will feel the warm spirit of romanticism, preserved by the beautiful deco details, antiques and exquisite chandeliers.”





If some homes take you back in time, some will take you up in the trees. “The tree house experience” is an exception to daily life, it`s a small world on its own, based on nature and simplicity that changes its colors every season. It’s great for families, as well as for those couples that want intimacy, romanticism, stillness and a lot of nature. The ecological construction in harmony with wood and natural stone surrounds you at every step. The style is a combination of modern and rustic , leaving you with an unforgettable impression by its location within a framework of dream.”




And some will take you in the Eskimo land, where your cozy beds are made of ice.  This trip is a true bucket list experience.


Owners With Heritage

For example, you can be Prince Charles’ guest in Romania.  “This is a traditional Transylvanian house, built in the 19th century, its name keeping alive the memory of the last owner, Walter Denghel.  From the front bedroom of the house there`s a wonderful view of the church: especially at night when this medieval bastion is like an engraving from a fairy tale, is illuminated by the fading light, as the sunset drops behind the wooded Carpathians. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, gave a speech to the London Civil Society about the importance of maintaining traditional villages in Romania. So, in 1987 he started restoring this traditional home into a perfect home for a traveler.





Authentic Activities to Experience the Culture

If you are the type of person who finds various activities and crafting intriguing, or just can’t stay still and need to move, you will choose your vacation based on ‘what can I do when I get there?’. Each vacation offers unique options. Some will focus more on craft type experiences giving learning opportunities to children and adults alike, for example basket weaving, pottery and baking.  Just in case men feel left out, there are so many other activities that don’t require flour, clay, or a thread and needle like kayaking, biking, snowboarding, scuba diving, paragliding and so much more.

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The Valentine You Spend it With

In the end, what makes your vacation or your quick getaway special and unique is the precious people you share that time with.   It could be old buddies just hanging out and catching up, grandparents reconnecting with grandchildren, families dedicated to invest in their time with their spouse and children, couples who adore each other and want to explore life together.  These super special people in your life, I call them your Valentines.  Make them feel unique, with a Valentine Day Trip!

Did you know we take approximately 23 000 breaths a day?  My humble advice is: Make it count! You may not be able to add more breaths to your life, but you can add more breath-taking moments to it. Enjoy your Valentine and use those 17 muscles in your body to make them smile, if not… tickle them, cause you know they cannot tickle themselves.