Bright sunshine taking a peek at your window. You wake up with a smile on your face and a song in your heart (that your family wished it just stayed there :))  It looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful day, weather wise and mood wise. You get ready for work. Then, you get in your freshly cleaned-up car. You turn on your music, sun-glasses on and drive like through the sunset.  Suddenly, an unexpected car cuts you off. You slam on your squeaky brakes.  The to-go coffee is all over your polished car and precious suit. There’s nothing left, but to get angry and talk to yourself like a madman.

It really doesn’t take much for our mood to go from sunshine and daffodils to overcast and thunderstorm.  I heard somebody say that “the climate dictates the forecast”.  Each one of our relationships has a certain climate to itself: marriage, family, work, friendships, community.  Any of the climate could be cold, full of bitterness, anger or discontentment. In order to have a good climate for one of the above, one needs to take a look at his own climate to begin with. And I believe there are 4 Things To Remember Before a Vacation.


First, you need to STOP from just running errands and make time to deal with the important attitude of the heart. When you are at the point that you get so easily frustrated over spilled milk, it’s surely time to have a break.  A break from work, from routine, from parenting… you name it.  A break where you can go somewhere and just have a quiet time to organize your thoughts and emotions.  Progress will be made when you work from inside-out, not the other way around.

Second, you need to work on getting control over your emotions. Don’t let circumstances dictate your actions and reactions. Work on a mindset that things will not go perfectly as you plan them to be. Expect the unexpected. When an unpleasant situation arises, get ready to be slow to speak and fast to come up with a solution and not pass judgment. Don’t react immediately in anger, sputtering words you’ll regret.

Thirdly, remember that YOUR mood doesn’t affect just you, it also affects anyone in your way that day.  So, before you scream out your frustrations, or go throughout the day with a frown on your face (because you’re entitled to be mad), don’t forget the chain effect.   Imagine, you get to work all worked up over what had just happened in traffic.  The secretary welcomes you.  You give a cold shoulder cause you’re too mad.  Now, she is sad while she calls to check on her kids. Kids notice mom’s different tone of voice.  Now, they go to school wondering what they did wrong to make their mom upset.  The chain effect can go on and on.   One smile or one frown will impact those around you.

Fourthly, once you have had that time to collect yourself during a swim in a nearby lake, or while biking through the country side.  Time to check how’s the weather in your family.  As for a lot of families school year is almost over, graduation parties behind and a whole summer ahead! What a great opportunity to check the atmosphere.  Take time to have fun together.  How about doing something new and exciting this summer.  Each vacation and each break is a new chance to make things right, to create forever memories, to experience new places and see new faces.  Just remember, wherever you go, don’t get upset over spilled milk and make the best of each precious moment.