Planning of holiday is a nightmare for many people, particularly for those who are willing to bring the whole family with them. Children want to go run up and down the hills, wife would rather lay all day long on a beach, and husband usually prefers to jump on a bicycle or go fishing.

So, what’s the best way to plan a family vacation so everyone would end up satisfied? We have some advice for you that will make the planning process easier and will stop the complaints before they happen.

Plan your family vacation earlier

Last minute offers always look good when it comes to price, and sometimes they might even turn out to be like hitting the jackpot, however they often turn out to be similar to buying a pig in a poke and there is no guarantee that everyone will return happy from this kind of holiday. Before deciding which offer you are going to choose, check carefully to see that the neighborhood has everything you and your family wants. 

What do you like? Riding horses or, maybe, hunting? Check on the Internet to see if the place you’re going has such attractions. You should never take anything for granted. The most important thing is, when possible, to try to plan your vacations from six to nine months before departure. Thorough research about the destination will help you prepare well and will give you peace of mind. Maybe you will be able to prepare some surprises, which will astonish your family – for example, your knowledge of a nearby fantastic beach or beautiful mountain landscapes.


Family’s decision

Surprises can be great, but they often turn out to be unfortunate decisions. How many times did you buy a present that just ended up sitting on a shelf? Probably more than once. Family holidays can be the same. Make this decision together rather than trying to surprise everyone. This has a greater likelihood of keeping everyone happy.

Of course you do not have to follow everyone’s whims, but it is always worth it to listen to all the viewpoints. If members of the family start feeling isolated from the planning process, conflicts may arise and trip will be less than successful. Make a list with everyone’s favourite activities, and try to pick a potential destination where everyone will be satisfied. If you have older children who are engaged in extracurricular activities, make sure that they will have free time before planning the trip.


Leave a few days free at the end of the trip

This is a very important point of your holiday, which many people forget. When you plan a trip leave a few days of free time at the end to give everyone time to get re-accustomed to the everyday reality. Allocate two or three days for that stage, leaving time before the kids go back to school and parents to work. Then you will have a guarantee of a restful vacation. Believe me, no matter how successful the stay would be, if you are not going to rest after a family vacation, tiredness will get to you sooner than you think, and whole holiday will have been in vain.


Avoid flights with changes

If you are planning vacations abroad, try to avoid extra hours in airports. You and your family will save a lot of time and energy that afterwards can be used to rest actively. Try to find direct flights, even if the destination airport ends up being in a city other than where you are going on vacation. If the flight is delayed, you will have to worry about making it to the next plane on time. Precautions will surely prevent you from a lot of stress.



If you have traveled with kids, I’m sure you have experienced difficulties with hotel rooms as well. Most of them are too small and do not meet the family needs, especially when children are small. Fortunately there are a lot of options to choose from and some of them may even turn out to be more affordable than hotel rooms.

Spend some time on familiarizing yourself with all the possibilities, taking into account the whole package. The best options are long term hotels, pensions and cottages for rent, which will provide you more space, kitchen, laundry room and other facilities. This kind of accommodation minimizes stress during the family vacation.

Planning a family vacation

Older children and teenagers may need more variety in their free time. Younger children, especially infants and kids will need plenty of time for rest. That is why you have to find a balance which will make everyone happy.

Ask older children for help in planning family vacations, and ask if there are any house tools that may be needed. Remember to adjust the plan to each of the family members; for example, if you are going on vacation with two year old twins – leave some time for resting.