On Monday many people have already started to wait for Friday, in other words, a time when they will be able to have a little rest from work.  Yet the weekend passes so fast and surely is not a guarantee for a good rest and full replenishment of one’s vital power before the next week of work. It is similar with vacations. Before a vacation it is worth asking yourself one question: “Will one week of vacation be enough for regeneration and proper rest?”. Probably it will not be.

Sometimes it is worth spending a few more pennies and instead of going on one week vacation, consider one that will last two or three weeks. Why is that? The first days of the vacation inevitably going to be spent on recovery for our body, so that it could comprehend that slowing down a little is allowed. If we are going somewhere only for seven days, our body will only have just started to understand that this is time for a rest.



More time = better rest

From two to three days before the end of our vacations we usually tend to think about work and things that will have to be done after coming home. So if the holiday lasts only one week, as soon as you started to relax, you’ll start to think of getting back to work.

Certainly, a long vacation does not guarantee a restful one. Also important is the way in which we are going to rest, but there is not just one ideal model for rest. For sure it is worthwhile to get away from the types of activities that we normally have during the year, but only if we really want this kind of change. Breaking a routine is good way for regeneration, mostly psychically, but it does not work when someone is forced to do so.


Do what you like on vacations

Vacations shall be adjusted to our personality – the more joy, the more regeneration. So if you like to lay all day on a beach, you could, without any regrets, spend your whole vacation on a blanket. In such cases, lazing about will do to us better than cycling trips, even if they were done in the most beautiful regions of the world.

We can roughly divide people into two groups – those who are lazy, and those who cannot sit down in one place even for a moment. The second group should think about active rest. Parties, caving, >mountain trips, biking, boating – you’ve got to think over what do you like to do in your free time, and plan vacations in a way that will bring you joy. Maybe you will not come back fully regenerated and after some physical exhaustion will get to you again, but at least you will be spiritually refreshed, and that is worth it.