Each year, Hiking and Trekking is becoming a more and more popular way to spend leisure time or short holidays. However, for many people, this sport still sounds mysterious. They may have heard something, or perhaps even seen someone walking with poles in their hands, but they have no clue what it really is.



Trekking is often confused with mountain climbing, so called alpinism, but is actually quite different. First of all, trekking doesn’t require any special equipment like climbing-irons, ropes or pickaxe. The only recommended equipment thing is trekking sticks, but don’t mix them up with sticks used for Nordic Walking. Nordic Walking sticks aren’t durable enough and could be easily broken during mountain walks.

Trekking is simply a few days trip into mountains, through different paths starting from very easy, all the way up to extremely difficult and dangerous. Trekking is recommended for tourists with some experience in mountains, because difficult weather conditions can come up; however the paths are designed in a way that even people with no experience should be able to finish them. So if you would like combine your rest with some physical activity which doesn’t require much strength, trekking is what you are looking for.



Hiking is definitely an easier and less energy consuming outdoor sport. Walking, cycling, running on forest trails, or long distance walking trips can all qualify as hiking.

Hiking is a group sport (usually done by entire families or a group of friends), however you can also do it alone. Hiking doesn’t require extra equipment – the only thing which you need to start is pair of comfortable shoes and clothes appropriate for the weather outside.


Best place for Hiking and Trekking

Although both sports can be done almost everywhere, there are certain places in the world which claim to be the best for Hiking and Trekking. One of them is Romania, which becomes more and more popular every year among tourists looking for active holidays.

Many people associate Romania mostly with Bucharest, legends about Dracula or Gypsies and their music. But this is just a drop in sea of attraction which this country in the Southeast of Europe can offer to tourist.

Romania is a real heaven for people who doesn’t want to lie the whole day on beach, and prefer to spend time more actively i.e. doing hiking or trekking.

One of the best places to visit in order to see beautiful landscapes and take a long walk among mountains is Transylvania, which is situated in the inner range of the Carpathians mountains. Transylvania is surrounded by mountains, from north – Rodna Mountains, from west – Bihor Mountains. Everywhere you walk – mountains, everywhere you see – mountains. Simply heaven for all hiking and trekking lovers.

There is wide range of beautiful places you should visit while travelling there. Predeal, Viscri, Predeluț and others offer unforgettable mountain landscapes so that your legs themselves carry you to stunning mountain scenery.