The Danube Delta, one of the most beautiful places on Earth and a UNESCO World Heritage site is in danger. The problems are getting bigger and bigger every year, both for the reservation and for its visitors.


1. The fauna is too diverse

People who visit the Danube Delta complain that bird watching is too time consuming and they never have enough time to admire all the species. The Danube delta hosts over 300 species of birds as well as 45 freshwater fish species.


(Photo credits: porojnicu)

2. There are so many channels, lakes and forests

The landscape here is so complex and so beautiful that you might get lost if you start wandering. You could find yourself in the unpleasant situation of not wanting to stop walking in such an amazing setting.


(Photo credits: Our hosts)

3. Boat Trips are extremely fun and entertaining

Many tourists choose Boat Trips as entertainment and they spend hours admiring the channels and the unique landscapes. Apart from the beauty, they also complain about the invigorating fresh air. Are they smiling in this picture? NO way!


(Photo credits: Our hosts)

<h3>4. The use by families

Locals of the Danube Delta say that they have spotted more and more families in the reservation. Probably the place is so child-friendly that families find it too hard to resist.


(Photo credits: Our hosts)

5. Too many people fall in love

The sunrise here is said to be so romantic that many people fall in love while watching it. We have been looking at this picture for some time and we can’t quite see anything romantic. Do you?


(Photo credits: porojnicu)

<h3>6. Complaints about getting fat

The hosts in Danube Delta are receiving an increasing number of complaints, in which tourists accuse them of cooking meals that are too tasty. Maybe it’s because of the fresh fish and traditional recipes?


(Photo credits: Our hosts)

7. The cultural heritage can blow your mind

The zone has such a rich culture and history with many ethnicities who have left their imprints here. Here’s an oriental-inspired cafe. Or is it a museum?


(Photo credits: Our hosts)

8. Over-booked places

Accommodation here is sometimes over-booked because tourists refuse to leave. They say everything is so authentic and unique and they never lived in such places before.


(Photo credits: Our hosts)

9. Stress is endangered

In the last few months the reported cases of acute stress have been fewer than ever in history. The silence reigns everywhere and stress is losing its power more and more everyday.


(Photo credits: icarmen13)