Most of us long for a vacation like we long for a breath of air after swimming for several minutes with our head under water. It’s our chance to escape everyday life and recharge our batteries, to spend time with our loved ones and take advantage of our free time in a unique way. We plan long before the trip and we have so many ideas in mind that most often the time spent there seems insufficient. It’s an intense journey and we have so many expectations. Everything has to be perfect, and we try to take advantage of every second and have unforgettable memories.

The international tourism market identifies several types of travelers: 1 – those who travel often and when they do they just want to relax and forget about their problems, 2 – those who like to visit new cities and are interested in history and culture, and 3 – the ones who want an active holiday filled with sports and activities, and 4 – those who simply want to have fun. Oh wait … we all want to have fun on vacation, right?

We intentionally neglected to include above those who are planning a vacation with a specific interest in mind. Rafting enthusiasts, constantly seeking for new destinations to brave the swirling rivers. Cooking enthusiasts who want to discover the secrets of cuisines from around the world from locals who know all the traditional and unique recipes. Nature enthusiasts who want to wander into forests, valleys and mountain peaks, for geographic discovery and self discovery at the same time.

Are you one of these people? If so, you surely know what it means to travel to a destination with so many plans in mind, and in return to feel like it was worth every moment. That you laughed long and loud as you experienced new things, that the adrenaline level was always up, that you did not want to leave. If you are not someone who has traveled this way, we challenge you to try it.

From now on, travel will no longer be based entirely on ticking a vacation off your to-do list just because you have a free period from work and children have a vacation from school. Summer’s not necessarily about going to the beach, as winter is not necessarily about the ski slopes. Holidays are now about who we are, what we like to do, what we want to learn.

The world and opportunities have changed, and with them we have changed ourselves. We value our time, because we enjoy increasingly less free time. We value authenticity, because globalization has come further than we ever expected. We value the interesting things, because they make us feel that we live every moment.

Now is the time to discover unknown destinations and activities that you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t have the courage. Let yourself be surprised by how much you enjoy, how many emotions you live and how many memories you bring home. Explore the new way of traveling and we promise that you won’t be able to go back to the old way after just one unique travel experience like this.