How often do you travel? Several times a year, perhaps, sometimes for long periods, sometimes just for short weekend getaways. But how do you feel when you return from a vacation? More relaxed, spiritually rich, more fulfilled? If you sometimes feel like you just ticked a vacation off your to-do list, perhaps because it’s just the expected thing, or to keep other family members happy, it’s time to change something.

Have you ever thought about traveling at locals? Dropping the too cold and crowded hotel and instead renting a house with a picturesque feeling? Or someone’s full-of-personality apartment? Walking the streets with a local who knows all the secrets of the place? Learning to ride from a rancher with decades of experience, who loves horses more than anything else? I want to share with you 5 reasons why you should start thinking about this type of travel and encourage you to book a vacation of this type as soon as possible.

1. Accommodation that makes you feel at home

No more hotels, hostels or large villas, crowded, soulless and without personality. When you’re on vacation you deserve to be pampered, and that doesn’t just mean towels and clean sheets changed every day. You deserve to live in a space with a special atmosphere which conveys the same feelings as the destination you have chosen.
If you stay with a local, in any type of accommodation you choose, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. You can say what you want and what you don’t want, you can talk openly, you can learn the history of the house and the area, and you are always welcomed back. Houses of locals are welcoming and comfortable, and that can not be matched by any hotel in the world.



2. Friendly people with lots of stories to share

Staying with locals will bring you an extra benefit: worldwide friends! The locals you will meet during these trips are open and friendly people who love to share their culture, their thoughts, their stories, their home. They look forward to meeting new people and learning more about other cultures, and so will you.

What’s more, they know all the hidden places you would never be able to find when wandering on your own. They can share tips and show you a different perspective on things, seen through the eyes of a local. Throw away your guidebooks and engage in an entertaining journey: taste the best traditional meals, visit the most incredible places, create lasting memories.



3. Local experts on every plan

Most of the locals you will visit have small family businesses based on a family tradition, like a hobby or a talent. For example, you can visit a horse ranch built up over 100 years by many generations who have loved horses and nature. Or you can visit a grandmother who shares her traditional home, love for cooking traditional recipes, and secrets about old old times.

Locals who welcome tourists are extremely proud to promote traditions, places and local attractions. Many of them live in rural areas or small cities, where tradition is stronger and well-kept, where crafting is a full-time job and where you can try your skills on things you never thought of, like milking the cow, pottery, or weaving.



4. Cheaper vacations allow you to travel more

Traveling with locals is a lot cheaper than the usual type of traveling based on packages or services provided by agencies. You can drive to nearby areas with your car or book low cost flights or trains, following the tips of your local hosts. Once you get there, everything will be cheaper because you will discover unpromoted places, where the local economy is still trying to develop. You are not restricted by number of meals, by activities or days. You can build your vacation according to your budget and stick to it.

Cheaper vacations allow you to travel more. So, more places to discover, more memorable experiences 🙂


5. Endless ideas and destinations

Imagine all the countries in the world. Now imagine all the amazing places where locals are waiting to show you their passions, their traditions, what they love. All this creates endless ideas for your travel experiences. You can find anything you want, whether you are looking for a calm and relaxing getaway, a fun and adventurous vacation or a romantic moment with your loved one. All you have to do is dream about it. Because for sure, someone in this wide world is willing to offer you exactly that and more: friendship, smiles, memories.

So, where to for your next vacation?