Our new name is Spoty.

I like to say that Spoty is for the explorer that lies in everyone of us – for our native curiosity, the impulse of meeting new people, for the moments that have the power to influence our lives.

The Story

We first started as Family Vacation. It was a dream of changing how people travel, of showing parents from everywhere that vacations are the best time to offer their kids life-changing experiences. The perfect opportunity to bond, to connect, to inspire.

In a little over a year and with a great number of happy customers who chose our vacation proposals, we learned a lot. First, we noticed that what we thought to be a product designed for families, has turned into one for all kinds of people. We had single travelers, couples, groups – basically any combination you could think of.

In this way, we reached our second conclusion: everyone is searching for unique experiences.

Experiences for families are no longer enough. We have to make them accessible to everyone, in as many countries as possible and as true as possible. We have to find all those locals that have special stories and amazing experiences to offer and all those travelers who are looking for more.

No matter the age, the gender or country they come from, people started to switch from choosing just a destination to looking for special stories, for the charm of authentic places and people. Whenever we talked with them about those intense emotions and extraordinary memories, their enthusiasm was over the top. This was the sparkle of the idea. Let’s spread the word, let’s make their dreams come true, let’s create Spoty!

So how did we get from the name Family Vacation to Spoty?

The name “Spoty” was born after we selected some key words and ideas to describe our new brand: it had to be short and easy to remember, relaxed, fun, friendly. We also wanted a word unrelated to anything, to avoid narrowing the product to a specific target, as Family Vacation used to do. From a long list of terms we selected “spot”, as descriptive for a specific place. Then we tried to make it funny and witty. And we came up with a character. We fell in love with Spoty at first sight. We hope you will too.

What’s new

In short, we’ve updated with:

  • New name that better represents our entire target
  • New super cute logo
  • New destinations and new countries that family vacation didn’t have before. Prepare yourself for more to come.
  • Curated authentic escapes: unless we’re sure it’s a spot where you get (1) an authentic accommodation that also offers (2) an exciting experience from your host, it doesn’t go on Spoty.

Traveling is our best way to evolve, so come explore with us.

Don’t miss any opportunity!
Pavel, founder of Spoty