We don’t know if 2015 was a rollercoaster for you, but for us it certainly was. Family Vacation became Spoty, we worked really hard to make the new product as good as we could and we have been constantly seeking new experiences to inspire you.

And even if this time of the year we’ll have a little vacation, we don’t plan to rest at all, but to have fun to the fullest, to eat limitless amounts of tasty food and celebrate all the beautiful moments of the past year. But we’ll get to rest on account of a perfect getaway, just after New Year. In other words, we start 2016 with a recharge and a little free time in which we can make plans. For a wonderful 2016. And we recommend you to do the same.

Pampered and relaxed, after 2 days in West Virginia, USA

Get ready for two days of royal treatments, because all you have to do is let yourself be pampered. You will relax so much that you might forget you have to go home. In West Virginia, a luxurious and welcoming Inn awaits you with an excellent SPA, with different types of massages, body treatments and aromatherapy.

You can take long walks nearby, in the cold winter air, and then cuddle under a blanket in front of the fireplace. The hosts offer an interesting selection of unique wines to choose from, and the chef is always prepared to surprise your senses with exquisite fine dining recipes.

It is the perfect way to begin the year, with a fresh mind and body. This short getaway will give you enough energy to make the best out of 2016. Book it now for only $407, 2 guests, 2 days.


Strength comes from within, so recharge your spirit

Get closer to nature and inner balance, in this 2-day getaway in Gran Canaria, Spain. Raquel, your lovely host and yoga instructor, will help you meditate to relieve stress and negative thoughts, and start the new year with positive energy.

You will be away from the noise of the city, in an area where even winter temperatures are friendly enough for outdoor activities under the sun. This getaway is especially about spiritual relaxation and you can take part in yoga classes, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

You will eat organic food, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the silence, the fresh air and the beautiful landscapes of the Spanish remote islands. Around the place where you stay are endless gardens of palm trees and colorful flowers, where you can sit down for a picnic or some meditation exercises. You will have access to SPA, and the heated swimming pool, which you can enjoy throughout the whole year.

This getaway is perfect for creative minds, for yoga and nature lovers. Book it now for only $137, 2 guests, 2 days.


Step outside of your comfort zone for an adventure in Bali

Welcome to Bali, Indonesia, also called Island of the Gods. If you have the courage to travel several hours to get here for some unforgettable days, we promise that it will be worth every effort. It’s a piece of Paradise, and you have the chance to visit it.

This getaway in Bali lets you immerse yourself in a unique culture, genuine local people as warm as the climate of the place they come from. You will be constantly close to nature, because you will stay in an area designed for glamorous camping. You will feel the breeze, the moist air and the scent of fresh ripe fruits.

A weekend in Bali is more than just a getaway, it is a unique experience that will impress you for the rest of your life. It is the kind of trip that changes your perspective, that makes you wish for more spiritual and less material things, which shows you the joys of life. And this is exactly what you need for starting a new year. Book it now for only $275, 2 guests, 2 days.