Culinary experiences are top choices worldwide and are ideal for winter when you can enjoy a perfect wine and delicious food, in cozy rooms in front of a fireplace.

Eating challenges your senses and is one of the most interesting ways in which you can experience another culture. Oh, and not to mention that if you participate in a short cooking workshop, you can take home a part of your dream destinations. Thailand? Sure, right away, with some wonderful spices. Or do you prefer France? Greece? You can travel anywhere with every dish you prepare.

But you can’t really cook a traditional dish if you have not tasted it right at its origins, prepared by a local who knows all the secrets. So travel the world to explore all the tastes that can enrich your life. Or even better, book a culinary experience for someone you love and then take advantage of what they learned there and make them your personal chef.

Artisanal fresh baked bread smells like Heaven

Transylvania is one of the areas in Europe where traditions have been preserved best. There are still households where families bake bread in large stone ovens using only natural ingredients. Everything is made by hand or using wood tools, and steaming bread is eaten on the porch of the house.

Besides crispy bread, Transylvania is renowned for traditional pastry products. Pies are filled with cabbage, potatoes or meat. Doughnuts are fried in natural lard and their taste is unique in the world. So forget France when you think of bread or pastry. Their baguettes are not the best, not when compared with the traditional Romanian bread.

During this getaway in Transylvania you will live in an old house from the 19th century, in a traditional village located near incredible forests. You will learn to make bread from a baker who has mastered all the tricks and techniques passed down from generation to generation.

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A different kind of city break, in Italy

If you’re more into choosing cities for short getaways, we recommend Milan and Francesca, an Italian local who will delight you with traditional dishes and will teach you to cook Italian, in the real way. Between some samples of wine, olive oil or sauce, you can also visit the city, so that you can understand better why Italians eat dishes easy to cook but extremely tasty: they want to enjoy the most of life, while making everything easy, fast, simple and fun.

You will not find here those wannabe traditional dishes that you ate at the Italian restaurant in your town. These are secret family recipes and Francesca’s Italian food tastes like home, like family. Natural vegetables, lean meat, lots of spices, basil and lemon will play with your senses and your imagination.

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Olive oil and mediterranean food, close to the sea

Only 30 minutes away from the sea, a unique Mediterranean experience awaits you. This area of Turkey is renowned for the production of olive oil and wine. Here, locals combine these in a unique way with other natural ingredients in traditional Turkish dishes. Because all ingredients are locally grown here, this is the ideal getaway for lovers of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

You will extract your own olive oil using granite stones and ancient presses, you will bake bread in the traditional Turkish way and you will learn all the secrets of preparing delicious Turkish food that everyone loves. Get ready to be amazed mostly by spices and their rich flavours.

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Cooking French cuisine in the USA

Chef Anna Claire will welcome you to Montgomery, for a culinary experience that brings France and Italy to the USA. She studied culinary arts in Southern France, so you can be sure that you are learning from the best.

Her cooking style is mostly influenced by French cuisine, but she ingeniously blends traditional American cuisine with French and Italian. Therefore, you can have multiculturalism on a plate. You will have the opportunity to assist her while cooking and learn the secrets of her unique and savory dishes. Also, Chef Jennifer, Anna’s friend, can teach you more about pastry.

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