Regardless of the country where we were born and raised, its climate and traditional activities, for most of us winter means snow, cold and winter sports. And if we don’t have enough of those in our country, we look for other destinations where we can enjoy the slopes, the rustic chalets and delicious steaming dishes.

Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, skating or just long walks through snow banks and strong cold air: you choose how you want to enjoy winter. We’re just here to offer you some inspiration. So here’s what we would choose for a winter sports getaway.

The Swiss Alps aren’t a famous destination for no reason

If you talk about skiing in Europe, you will undoubtedly say Alps, in particular Austria and Switzerland. But our favorites are the Swiss Alps, that seem like they came straight from the mountain wallpaper that you have on your laptop. Besides the stunning scenery, ski areas here are very well developed, so you will surely find a way to practice your favorite winter sport, whether you rent equipment or bring your own.

Your host Nardi will welcome you to Sigriswil, Switzerland. You’ll stay in a less touristy area, where you will enjoy silence, organic food and local life without the thousands of tourists who crowd the streets and slopes. You will have access to a nearby slope, the Lake Thun and your host will share with you hidden trails, suitable for both climbing and winter sports.

So if you prefer a getaway in a secluded area in the heart of the mountains, choose the destination in the Swiss Alps. The price for two people is only $ 200 a night.


The Nordic countries, where you can be at home in the snow like nowhere else

We don’t know if you’ve visited Santa yet and most likely visiting hours for this year already ended. But without a doubt, where he lives winter snow is something as normal as the air we breathe. So, we invite you to Finland, one of the Nordic countries in Europe.

Besides winter sports, here you can enjoy the northern lights, a unique landscape that you must see at least once in life. If you are lucky and catch a clear sky, you’ll see a sky full of stars, whose light is reflected in the snow. This is the land of Husky dogs, sledges, wooden chalets and endless forests.

Your host, Annekreet, will guide you to places where you can practice winter sports and will invite you to ride a sleigh pulled by huskies, to view the northern lights. For moments when you want to rest from the harsh cold, you will stay in a welcoming guest house, where you can enjoy a sauna, tasty local cooked food and lovely stories shared by your host.

Choose to start the new year with this once in a lifetime experience. The price for two people is $936 a night.


An idyllic location in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains

Why not combine winter sports, adventure and adrenaline with history and stunning landscapes that seem to emerge from your favorite novels? This unique place is located in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, in Romania, close to Bran Castle and Peles Castle, two of the treasures of Europe.

This getaway is ideal for winter sports lovers who are also passionate about history, art and architecture. The villa in which you will stay was built by one of the greatest Romanian architects, as a special gift for his wife. The interior will pleasantly surprise you with a classic, romantic and warm atmosphere. Both the time spent outside on the ski slope, and the time spent indoors by the fire with a glass of wine, will be a delight.

Ioana and Marius, your hosts, are looking forward to telling you more about local history, and to guide you through the surrounding forests and nearby slopes, where you can practice your favorite winter sports. Book now this getaway for 2 guests, 2 nights, at a special price: $385.