You’d be amazed at how much Italy has to offer, besides the classics you already know. So this year forget about Rome, Venice or Milan and discover another side of Italy. We have a getaway for everyone, regardless of preferences: relaxing, active, romantic. And each one of them is definitely a unique experience you have to try. So, in which of the following categories do you belong?

The famous Chianti region, perfect for wine lovers

If wine is part of your lifestyle or even a hobby, you know that no other experience can compare with a few days in a vineyard. And not just that, but in an area internationally recognized for the quality of its wine: Chianti.

You will stay with a family with decades of experience in wine production, whose members know all the secrets of growing, collecting and processing grapes. Living at a farm, you can learn how to crush grapes to obtain wine, how to properly store wine and how to combine it with food.

This getaway is based on one of the things that the Italians are the most proud of: wine. Certainly something you should not miss! Book now for just $156 a night for two people.


For lovers of natural and organic, a rural getaway

Italy’s Mediterranean climate is ideal for a gardening and farming getaway. Near the town of Lucca, in an idyllic rural area, you’ll have the chance to get actively involved in raising, gathering and cooking organically grown fruits and vegetables.

It’s a suitable getaway regardless of age, whether traveling alone, with friends, or family, and is perfect even for children. Your hosts on the farm are open to show and teach you more about agriculture, farm animal breeding, the Italian traditional lifestyle, and how to live a healthier lifestyle. You can also take part in a workshop where you’ll learn to prepare different types of traditional fresh pasta.

Book this getaway in the heart of authentic Italy, for only $90 a night for 2 people.


Donatello’s studio hosts lovers of art and architecture

Florence is one of the most famous cities of Italy, thanks to its extraordinary architecture. In this getaway you’ll get to see more than the beautiful streets of the city – to be immersed deeper into the history of Italian art.

You will stay in a unique boutique hotel, a hundred-year-old building known as The Palazzo. Built in the 14th century, the building belonged to families of merchants, nobles and artists. You will visit the Uffizi Gallery and Piazza del Duomo and see unique pieces of furniture and imposing interiors with columns, impressive chandeliers and baroque motifs, all kept in good condition or recently restored.

This getaway is by definition ideal for lovers of art and architecture. It will nourish all your senses and will bring you closer to the atmosphere of past ages. Book a night for 2 people for only $ 216.


A romantic getaway for those seeking silence and relaxation

The stunning landscapes of southern Tuscany will leave you speechless. You will stay in a rural area, so this is the perfect getaway for you if you are looking for some peace away from the city, a few days to relax and taste the pleasures of life.

Your hosts will prepare many surprises for you such as cheese tasting, cooking lessons, wine tasting and truffle hunting. All activities are designed to help you be immersed into the lifestyle of Italians and get a better taste of the traditional products they are proud of, but also to offer you enough time to rest, relax, take long walks and watch the landscapes. If you are traveling with your partner, you can also enjoy a relaxing massage with aromatic oils together.

Choose this getaway if you’re in search of a special destination where you can rest and recharge for a weekend. You will breathe the fresh countryside air, taste delicious food and will life stories with your friendly hosts. Book a night for 2 people for only $ 300.


Hiking, biking and horse riding for the adventurous ones

Why not choose Italy if you like sports and spending time in nature doing all sorts of fun activities? In this getaway you will stay near a forest, and your hosts can guide you to various activities: they can show you the nearest hiking trails, help you rent bicycles, or organize horse riding lessons. You can even visit and test yourself on a nearby enduro trek, if you’re a fan of extreme sports.

The area is a paradise for whatever sport you want to practice. The climate in this area is friendly even in winter months, so you shouldn’t encounter any problems to enjoy outdoor activities.

Half an hour away is Rome airport, so the location is very accessible by plane. We recommend that you stay 2 nights, so that you can fully enjoy all the activities. The price is $264 for 2 people.