Panic! Valentine’s Day is almost here and it comes every year with huge pressure. It’s lovers’ day, how can I prepare the greatest surprise ever? What if they don’t like it enough? What if they don’t like it AT ALL? First of all, take a deep breath. We know that such holidays come somehow with an obligation to be celebrated as such, but don’t destroy the beautiful moment with too much stress. You are also a part of the couple, therefore you have to enjoy it too.

Say thanks for calling us friends and read the advice we have prepared below. Everything will seem much easier!


Step 1: Research and learn more about what your partner wants

Yes, in one way or another we’re suggesting you spy on his activities. But not like a shady detective, instead as a lover who wants to choose the right thing for the person you love. Follow subtly what are their preferences on Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr, so that you can tell if they are interested in a certain country, a certain type of landscape, activities, if they miss the sea or the mountains. Then try to find suitable destinations for what you noticed.

Make a shortlist, then search for prices, transportation, accommodation and activities. We recommend you to stay with locals, for a much more comfortable atmosphere that will help you bond and fall in love even more.


Step 2: Make sure to find something balanced that will provide time for yourselves

A romantic getaway is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better, if the relationship is fresh, or to offer you time just for yourselves, if you are already married, have children or are too busy in your everyday life.

Whether you prefer cities or rural areas, we recommend you to avoid destinations that will overwhelm you by being crowded, with too many attractions and things to do. A romantic getaway is about you, about your relationship, and the things that will bring you closer, not about a museum or a fancy restaurant.

A setting near a lake, in a historical rural area, or even on the coast, close to the sea, can help you find tranquility, landscapes ideal for romantic long walks and a step back from the noise of city life and your problems back home.


Step 3: There is nothing more romantic than a sunset and a breathtaking landscape

Learn more about the destination you are interested in, talk to the locals and find out whether there is a place where you can watch a gorgeous sunset. You may find it a cliché, but you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to equal the unique atmosphere that such a moment creates with its magic light and sky, as if the world begins and ends there with you two.

Whether it’s near a lake, or close to the mountains, it is important to find the perfect location.


Step 4: Explore and try new things together

We are sure you have things you love to do together, but we recommend you to take the opportunity to discover new activities. Explore the surroundings, stroll over the area, climb rocks, bathe in lakes, sunbathe on the wild lawn. If you choose a sunny destination, like Italy, you can enjoy any outdoor activity, even in February.

These small expeditions will bring you closer, because you will be faced with unexpected situations to discover together. You will have fun and, perhaps you will even discover a new hobby.



Step 5: Learn to create something together

Have you ever planted some flowers or a tree? Have you created a clay pot or a dish you painted? When you create something from scratch, with your own hands, the satisfaction is immeasurable. Imagine that satisfaction when you create something with the person you love.

If you go to a rural area, try gardening and farming activities. Or you can learn to cook together, an activity that you could successfully continue at home, in your own kitchen.



And don’t forget that the Spoty team is always available for suggestions. You can tell us what budget you have and if you prefer a certain destination, and we will find the perfect getaway for you.

If we had to choose, we would definitely bet on Italy. Its landscapes, food and even the language – it all breathes romance. L’amore!