How have your first few days of 2016 been? Ours are full of plans, dreams and ideas, and we are very excited and energized about the new beginning. The truth is that in looking every day for wonderful experiences for you, we have found a lot of places where we would love to go ourselves. And more than that, Spoty getaways have whetted our appetite to learning new things.

Besides the great plans we have for Spoty, each team member is planning to try something new in 2016. We want to learn how to paint, we want to go paragliding, to learn how to fish, or to cook traditional complicated dishes. And that’s because last year we realized that many of these activities tried in unique experience getaways become hobbies for many travelers. Who knows, you might like pottery so much that you install a small workshop in the garage, where you escape every weekend to have fun and relax.

Art in Italy – discover what the label “Made in Florence” really stands for


It would be impossible to say that Italy isn’t one of the best destinations for a getaway related to art, because the tradition of thousands of years would contradict us completely. Italy is by definition dedicated to architecture, painting, sculpture, traditional foods and a lifestyle that encourages small pleasures and hobbies.

And why not choose Florence, especially given that you will stay in a traditional building hundreds of years old, in the heart of the city. Your hosts will walk you through the wonderful city, in search of local producers, craftsmen and artisans who still keep the Italian tradition alive in small workshops. You can learn how to make olive oil, wine, and caprino cheese. You will visit workshops of wood carving, vellum binding, jewelry, and you will watch painters, sculptors and carpenters, who restore old pieces or create new models by reinventing themes of ancient art. You will also have the chance to learn how to draw, sketch and paint.

A Florence getaway is for romantic dreamers, for those who are passionate about the culture of an imposing and powerful civilization. Book now a gateway of 3 days and 2 nights for 2 people for only $350.

Pottery – the experience of molding something beautiful from a pile of mud


In the northernmost part of Romania there is a legendary region called Maramures. Here, old traditions are still alive with village people still wearing traditional garb in their everyday lives, and alleys that smell of pies and woodstove fires.

In this fairytale land lives Daniel Les, a master potter, internationally recognized for his talent. He will welcome you in his home and will share with you the secrets of the thing he loves most in the world: pottery.

It’s a unique experience because you have the opportunity to shape with your own hands an object originated by your imagination – pot, a vase or a plate that you can take home with you as a souvenir of a moment back in time, of the traditional and authentic world that used to be. Visit Maramures and learn pottery from an incredible master, for only $37, 2 guests, one night.

Traditional crafts – return to nature and see the beauty in everything


Welcome to Viscri, Transylvania, an area that Prince Charles of Great Britain loves and visits often. This getaway is dedicated to village life and traditional crafts that people mastered a few decades ago, when modern technology was not at hand.

Mihai, the host who will welcome you here, together with his wife and children left behind the bustling city life and retired to this corner of paradise where he works to restore old houses and local traditions and encourages the community to preserve the local authenticity. You will have the opportunity to learn tips and tricks about gardening, beekeeping, animals, carpentry, pottery, sculpture, blacksmith work, weaving and embroidery, and much more, from different masters of the village.

After a few days here, you will return home with a different perspective on your life, you’ll pay more attention to nature, to a healthy lifestyle and you will have a greater appreciation for the simple things that make your life beautiful. Book this getaway for just $60 per person per night.