1. It made no sense for the Golden City to host the golden anniversary of the Super Bowl

Super BowlSource: Super Bowl 50 Host Committee Facebook page.

2. Nothing to do without a steep $4500 ticket.

Sunset at Super Bowl CitySource: Super Bowl 50 Host Committee FB page

3. Sports & disruptive geekiness simply DID NOT intersect.

Super-Bowl-City-Bordon-020DisruptiveSource: Official Levi’s Stadium photos of Kickoff celebration

4. Nor did the world’s tech corporations, with Levi’s stadium.

Meme LeviSource: Bloomberg’s Youtube channel

5. or San Francisco’s army of start-ups, with the NFL.

Twelve finalists competed in Techcrunch, NFL & Stanford’s Competition, on three different categories: The Future Stadium, Bringing Home The Game, and Tomorrow’s Athlete. Winners walked away with $50,000 in cash plus meetings with NFL execs and tickets to the Super Bowl.
Source: Techcrunch, NFL & Stanford’s 1st And Future Startup Competition

6. Who would ever want such disgusting street food?!

Michael Mina SB BurgerAward winning chef Michael Mina’s created The Gold Rush Burger with Schmitz Ranch beef for this Super Bowl edition. It was available At Super Bowl City throughout the week, and during game day @ Levi’s Stadium.

7. The community got nothing,

Meme Non profitsSource: Super Bowl 50 Host Committee Youtube Channel

8. …and the weather was terrible!

9. Only creeps hanging out in the parks.

Screenshot from 2016-02-08 16-21-52

10. People got Lyft rides from toothless greedy drivers,

Lyft Jerry RiceSource: Lyft’s PR Stunt with Jerry Rice

11. And had nowhere to escape football mobs!

Corona Heights

12. No one was happy,

Pharell Williams

13. …and people kept on fallin’.

Alicia KeysSource: NFL

14. The City was way too heavy for the Super Bowl.

MetallicaSource: Metallica’s live stream from San Francisco, the night before the game.

15. One more thing… locals lost their entrepreneurial spirit with this game!

NFL halftimeSource: SFGate

16. Their outspoken attitude…

Source: Candace Roberts Youtube Channel – Hello, Ed Lee

17. Completely unnoticed during the halftime!

Justice Mario Woods Beyonce

18. And the gigs, mediocre and unpatriotic…

19. Awful!

Screenshot from 2016-02-09 17-10-56Click on the image for video. Facebook source here.

20. Nope, Silicon Valley is definitely not ready to host another Super Bowl!

Stadium LeviSource: Levi’s Stadium Facebook Page.

This is how San Francisco Area looked from our news feeds during the Super Bowl 50. We weren’t there as we were traveling with Spoty.com, our marketplace for getaways offering a local activity bundled with a local stay.

What we learned? That in San Francisco, there’s a time to cooperate, and there’s always a time for being constructively discontent. That even when celebrating, the City finds space for those disrupting with a purpose.